Creating Space.


Welcome! What’s my “Why”?

I am honored to create a safe space to tune into our inner hearing, with the spirit of curiosity I invite you to discover what gems the sound waves may clarify or create for you in your experience.

For the love of waves generated in crystalline form, I offer you an experience drawn in sound, that is inspired and unique to the individual or group.

Being receptive and embodying mindfulness practices, I’m answering the call to hold a receptive space for others via sound. To generate a bridge of sorts, empowering others in their space of resonance, honoring the connection of mind, body, and spirit.

Have you ever spent time at the beach, or watched water flowing in a river? There is a soothing quality to waves. The light we see are waves, sound travels in waves, the science of waves is fascinating to me. If you would like to hear about my life changing experience with sound waves, please inquire as I am happy go into more detail!

With a deep appreciation for17 years of a successful Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork practice at various destination spas, in creating space for clients to find relief and relaxation on the table, I am inspired to offer other ways to BE present.

My lifelong dedication to creating space, as an artist is inspired by perception. A tool I found beneficial on myself and in my massage practice was the Therapeutic Ultrasound unit. In theory it uses ultrasound waves to help alleviate tension from scar tissue and adhesions. Sound waves from sound baths I’ve experienced energetically assisted me in ways I would never have imagined. I made my own connection, in my experience, that the wave technology has benefits.

Weaving sound by tuning into the conversations of resonance is a delightful experience to share. I invite you to tune into your intuitive hearing and explore the possibilities!

With love, respect, and clarity,

Heather M. Mezey, LMT