Creating Space.


The Golden Rhombus Mission:

My calling is in service, to create a container, honoring and empowering others to explore their sense of clarity and receptivity. It is from a deep space of respect, and a personal passion to assist the community along the way of living their best lives. The ancient therapy of sound has reached out to me and I am called to pay it forward as our collective remembering opens.

Clarity is creating space to refresh our perspectives, using the power of intention, and sharing the sound technology we are born with via our voice.

The Laws of Resonance: everything is vibration. Sound waves and resonant harmonics can interact with the bodies nervous system, the quality of sound will be soothing or activating to energetic pathways. Like tuning a musical instrument, working with sound can be restorative from the stresses of day to day life, allowing your reset into deeper states of “Ahhhhhhh”. The opportunity to go deeper and shift energetic blockages is great, if that is your intention.

It is a great delight to hold space for people to experience their own inner listening and choosing what resonates with their personal experience of the sound. It can be meditative, relaxing, refreshing … the possibilities are endless and therapeutic in nature. In a space of receptivity you will draw your own meaning from the experience.

About Me:

With deep appreciation and intuitive skillsets from 17 years of successful Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork practices. Creating space for clients to find relief and relaxation on the table, I am inspired to offer other ways to be present and refreshed in the body. A tool I found beneficial on myself and in my massage practice was the Therapeutic Ultrasound unit. It uses ultrasound waves to help alleviate tension from scar tissue and adhesions. Sound waves from sound baths I’ve experienced energetically assisted me in ways I would never have imagined.

Group experiences in receiving sound, as well as one-on-one personal coaching work is available using the technology of Kundalini Yoga, intention setting, and ceremonial breathing techniques to induce a trancelike state, empowering you to use your voice to create transformative space. I teach tools for you to utilize in your own home, and to share within your community to keep the ripple effects of clarity flowing. Reach out to me to co-create unique offerings based on your community needs.

Weaving sound, I share conversations of resonance. I invite you to tune into your intuitive hearing and explore the possibilities!

With love, respect, and clarity,

Heather M. Mezey, LMT, RYT 200