In their experience, testimonials.

“How do I convey how moving and magical the sound bowls are! I’ve experienced nothing that moves and vibrates through your whole body and senses! So calming and rejuvenating.. And you my friend have a Special  talent...the way you have conversations with the bowls!”

~Dana Albany, Artist

“Heather directly touches the heart with her crystal bowl mastery.  She brought divine vibrations to our New Year’s Day morning yoga and meditation experience during Yogi Amandeep Singh’s Awaken Your Path New Year Retreat at 1440 Multiversity January 1, 2019.  While sitting and breathing meditatively with her crystal bowl sound immersion, I experienced the Beloved’s touch of Grace within me.  Also, I enjoyed spontaneous revelation:  With crystal bowl angelic tremors soothing my physical heart and thrilling every chakra, I was guided straight to the Spiritual Heart.  I sensed every heartbeat harmonizing with resounding bliss that merged my heart with the One Heart.  Heather has a true gift of Play with Angels.  This must be shared with all beings everywhere!  Wow, the way she crystalizes Divine Love into our collective consciousness!  It is truly miraculous to behold.  Sat Naam!'‘“

~ Surjot Kaur, Kundalini Yoga Teacher